Parents appreciate the advantage of an inexpensive uniform which helps to present a smart general appearance.

The school uniform consists of items freely available at most clothing shops and supermarkets.   Book bags are available at the School Office at a cost of £3.80 each.  Uniforms and PE kits are available from Warrington School Wear,  SG Embriodery and Touchline.  





Shoes should be flat heeled, without extreme style and black in colour.  Trainers are not permitted for nomal uniform school wear, only PE.  

Hair and Jewellery

Long hair should be tied back for hygiene reasons using black or blue bobbles or a plain black or blue headband.

Extreme hair styles are to be discouraged as they lower the standards within school.

Jewellery is not allowed except for watches and small stud earings, which must be removed or covered during PE.  Please provide your own tape for covering if necessary.

Outdoor Coats

Outdoor coats should worn when appropriate as children have outdoor play as often as possible.  School fleeces with the school logo on are available to order.



Blue and white gingham dress
White ankle socks

Light blue blouse
Navy blue skirt/pinafore dress or grey school trousers
Navy blue sweatshirt cardigan with school logo
School Tie
Navy blue socks or tights


Short sleeve pale blue polo shirt with navy blue trim with school logo
Grey shorts
Grey or black socks

Light blue shirt
Grey trousers
Navy blue sweatshirt/jumper with school logo
School tie
Grey or black socks

PE Kit

Physical Education is an important part of the National Curriculum and it is important that children have a PE kit in on their designated days – two days  for Years 1-6 and one day for EYFS.