Headteacher’s Welcome

Education is not preparation for later life: education is part of life itself.  Our core purpose at St Joseph’s is to nurture and awaken in each child a desire to learn and provide some of the skills necessary for that endeavour.  It is a privilege to do so and a role which we share with parents in nurturing each child as a unique gift from God. 


Central to our work is the development of knowledge, skills and an attitude for learning and the focus of this is the taught curriculum of RE, English, Maths, Science, Computing, PE, Geography, History, Art and Design Technology, PSHE and RSHE, Music and a Modern Foreign Language (French).  However, underlying the taught curriculum is a curriculum that reveals our beliefs.  It is the way we teach, the way we are with each other in our daily interactions.  It is our culture. 


Our Mission, learning, growing, belonging… happy together in God’s family, is about developing as a school community so the Christ is at the centre of all we do, with children at the heart.  We want to see each child and adult flourish and become what each is called to be. 

St Joseph’s is a school community where we:
  • promote Christian values of love, care and respect.
  • equip our children with the tools of learning and help them to achieve their maximum potential.
  • create an atmosphere of faith in which we share and celebrate our Catholic beliefs.
  • work in partnership with the children, their families and the parish.
  • provide a happy and safe environment in which all members of the school community feel valued.
  • develop the individual needs of our children to give them the confidence to participate as responsible citizens of the future.